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Objects Of Design #353: Marimekko Kippis Mug

16th February 2013
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Marimekko Kippis mug

Marimekko Kippis mug

Kippis means Cheers in Finnish and what better way to greet a cold winter day than with a really good mug. Perfect for morning coffee, afternoon tea or anytime hot chocolate, I rather like the fact that it’s a mug with a picture of a wine glass. I am also, as you may have realised by now, a huge fan of monochrome with a splash of colour so these mugs tick another box for me too.

Although, while we’re on the subject of Marimekko, this is my favourite design of them all. I was given a mug for Christmas and told by the giver that it reminded her of Mad About The House.

marimekko olva vanhakaupunk

marimekko olva vanhakaupunk


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  • Anna 24th February 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Oh so gorgeous, Marimekko is one of my favourites. A hot chocolate in that mug would taste extra good! Such skill in making such simple designs so beautiful.

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