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365 Objects Of Design, Fine Dining

Objects Of Design #142: Mariskooli Bowls

20th July 2012
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Another design classic , these bowls were first designed by Maija Isola for the Finnish company Marimekko in 1960. She found something similar in a flea market and was inspired to make these bowls, which, even if you don’t recognise the name, you will almost certainly recognise the design. She made the famous poppy design too,…


Design Classics

Design Classics #16: Marimekko Unikko Fabric

4th April 2012
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It’s probably one of the most recognised fabric designs in the world. Huge splashy poppies in a variety of colours adorning umbrellas, bags, tea trays and bedding. And yet Unikko, from the Finnish design company Marimekko, only came about when a designer dared to defy her boss. Armi Ratia, the creative vision behind Marimekko, bought…


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