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365 Objects Of Design, Mad About . . ., Your House

Customise Your Ikea Kitchen

17th August 2014
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custom made grey doors for an ikea kitchen from superfront

We’re all familiar with the concept of the Ikea hack, a design phenomenon that is even supported by the store itself, but until now it has been mainly about DIY versions. I know people who have repainted their doors, or even had new ones made and spray painted. I bought the cupboards but sourced my…


365 Objects Of Design

Universal Expert

8th April 2014
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sebastian conran's universal expert collection

Created by Sebastian Conran (son of our Tel) Universal Export couldn’t be more British and yet I discovered it for the first time when browsing round the newly opened London branch of US store westelm. The name is a play on Universal Export, the fictional import-export company of James Bond which is a moniker that only…


365 Objects Of Design, In the kitchen, Volume II

Objects of Design #30: Tock Wall Clock

30th March 2013
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There’s your reminder. The clocks go back tonight, just in case you hadn’t quite clicked. This very fine example is by Newgate and is called, not entirely unsurprisingly, Tock. I rather like it. It manages to be both retro and modern at the same time. Now there’s no excuse for forgetting. Aram £57 Last year the…


365 Objects Of Design, Keeping Cosy

Objects Of Design #354: Lotte Cake/Cheese Dome

17th February 2013
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Feast yer eyes on that then! So firstly, what could be better for creating that cosy feeling and keeping the winter out than cake? Secondly, this will also work for cheese, which, with a little glass of something red, is also a wonderful treat. But thirdly, and therefore most importantly, it is my birthday. So…


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