Objects of Design #8: Serving Tray

the royal vkb serving tray
the royal vkb serving tray

So you’re heading into the other room with a tray full of glasses and a wine bottle precariously balanced as well, or out into the garden with nibbles and cutlery for the barbecue, and the tray is a bit heavy and the door’s blown shut. And you need two hands for the tray and, at that point it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong.

This is the solution. One of those clever ideas that once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder why they aren’t all like that. This tray has a handle that folds up and locks into position and means that you can carry it with one hand. AND THE CONTENTS WON’T SPILL. Which leaves you one hand free to open doors, remove small children from your way and even hand out the drinks.

See it’s really quite genius. It was designed by Gijs Bakker, here he is looking very cool, who is also the co-founder of the Droog Design Group , a place where you will find lots of wonderfully cool products.

GijsBakker, designer of the Royal VKB serving tray
GijsBakker, designer of the Royal VKB serving tray

If you’re still not convinced here is a little YouTube video 

Royal VKB €69.95

This time last year the kitchen essential was the Stelton Coffee Press

Here is the Penguin Wine Hod that Steuart mentioned below in his comment. He says that it’s perfect for by the side of the bath so you can rest your book and your wine…. sounds blissful.

Steuart Padwick's Penguin Wine Hod costs £195
Steuart Padwick’s Penguin Wine Hod costs £195


The Penguin Wine Hod is available from Steuart Padwick   and there is also a version with a bottle holder at the bottom too.




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  1. Lovely tray – and spectacular spectacles!

    I designed a table/tray to address a similar bottle/glass/carrying need. The Penguin Wine Hod – essential for carrying a book and a glass to the bath! (and room for a bottle or two…)

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