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Objects Of Design #25: Eva Solo Drip Free Dressing Shaker

25th March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

This Danish company makes too many beautiful things to mention but this simple glass bottle is one of the most useful. Salad dressing contains two of the stainiest, messiest and stickiest ingredients around – oil and vinegar. Yes, I  have made it in empty jam jars and mustard pots and, sooner or later, usually when you try and pour it, you end up with a horrible sticky mess on your hands, your clothes, the table, the children. . .  you get the point.

So this has a pouring spout that catches every last drop. It really does. There’s a lid so you can shake it up and it will keep fresh and it’s dishwasher proof. Works for soy sauce as well.

https://www.panik-design.com/acatalog/Eva_Solo_-_Tools_-_Dressing_Shaker.html £25

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