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Objects Of Design #24: Jamie Oliver Tilt And Mix Bowls

24th March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

You can say what you like about Jamie, and many do, but I’m a fan. I like his food and his recipes work. There was a bit of bother over those 30 minute meals, which took nearly an hour, and frankly his Flavour Shakers weren’t all that, but on the whole you can’t blame a lad for trying.

So, every kitchen needs mixing bowls and these have combined all the useful elements you can find into one nesting set, which will free up a lot of that precious cupboard space that I keep banging on about. They’re stainless steel  – durable, insulating, unbreakable – they have non-slip bases, measuring levels etched on the sides, a pouring spout and a tilted base to make it easier for mixing. Oh and there’s a lid with an integrated spoon rest too. What more could you want from a bowl?


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