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Objects Of Design #352: Knitted Cushions

15th February 2013
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Knitted cushion covers from Etsy

Knitted cushion covers from Etsy

From yesterday’s ceramic cable knit to the real thing today. These gorgeous grey cushion covers are, frankly, a bit of a steal at £15. In addition to these grey ones, there are pale pink and a darker lilac colour – take one of each.

As is often the way on Etsy, the vendor has a message saying that she will make them in different colours or with different buttons if you prefer. Now I can knit (a bit) but these would be way beyond me and yet I think they’re a great way to bring a little of the personal home-made touch into your own house. After all, no-one has to know whose home they were made in do they?

They’re acrylic, which means you can chuck them in the washing machine and probably means you won’t have small children complaining about scratchiness.




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  • monique low 15th February 2013 at 11:02 am

    These cushions are really great – I love grey and what a great price! Also, nice to see Etsy sellers getting featured – sometimes with Etsy and Folksy, it’s hard to get past the droves of dross, but within that, there are plenty of really great sellers and as you point out, the artisans are nearly always happy to custom make things for you – can’t say fairer than that.

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