Storybook Tea Towels

Wouldn’t these make the perfect Christmas presents? I really wouldn’t mind receiving a tea towel if it was one of these.

storybook tea towel by heather alstead
storybook tea towel by heather alstead

Drying the dishes has never been anybody’s favourite task, but you’ve got to hand it to the designers, they really are trying their damndest to ease the pain with increasingly imaginative tea towels coming onto the market.

heather alstead tea towel
heather alstead tea towel

But then, just when you’re nodding sagely and thinking that it’s all about the girls, she has created a couple for the boys too.

even boys can dry up available from lifestyle bazaar

There are four designs, all made from cotton that measure 48cm by 76cm. However, while tea towels are slightly subversive in their message, the matching mugs are much more conventional. There the prince saves the princess by slaying the dragon and the frog is kissed.

original_i-d-rather-be-slaying-dragons-tea-towel (1)
knights on white tea towels

And if the idea of tea towels as presents really upsets you then what about the hickory dickory clock? It’s £38 and there’s a place for it in my kitchen any time.


And who wouldn’t want the Goldilocks and the Three Bears bowl set?



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  1. Just to say thanks for all your posts Kate – something new to look at everyday – exciting. Never thought anaglypta would be the new ‘in thing’ wow – love some of the patterns and dark colours. These tea towels – interesting, the formica furniture amazing – may be tempted on that one!

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