object of design

Plastic Free Storage, Cooking and Serving Bowls

hokan bowls via plastic free storage
It's been a while since I shared a proper Object of Design as I try, for the most part, to make this blog about advice and inspiration rather than straightforward shopping, but today I want to show you something that I really just think is brilliant. Before Christmas I was sent a set of Hokan

Six Vases in One made from Recycled Plastic

alp vase 505 by annick petersen
Did I mention (once or twice) that I was on BBC Radio 4 You & Yours last week to talk about sustainable interiors? It was a very short slot and I didn't get to say many of the things I had prepared, one of which was that, as has been said before, fashion usually leads

Large Display Table

large metal desk table from rose and grey This is a clever idea with the wrong name. Who needs, or has space for, a display table? Is it even a proper table? That ledge means you can hardly sit round it for breakfast. But, BUT, hang on a minute. Change the word table to desk

Model Buildings by Chisel and Mouse

If you have a big screen then take a moment to look at these images in detail. They are perfect recreations of a huge range of buildings from all over the world, including Battersea Power Station, The Glasgow School of Art, The Guggenheim and The New York Yankees Old Stadium. They are created by two

Z1 Cotton Lamp Pendant

Styling by Katrine Candice Kong, photography by Francois Kong for bodieandfou It's taken me a while to make my mind up about these pendant lamps, but suddenly, now that the summer is here, they feel perfect for the long summer days. Designed by Chilean Creative Director Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate, the Z1 pendant lamp is a celebration of local handicraft crafts and skills from different

Cuckoo Clock

I do like a new take on an old theme and you don't get much more old school than the cuckoo clock. This gorgeous grey number is from Cox and Cox and it has just arrived in stock. It's a Taiwanese design and, in addition to the traditional cuckoo, there is another bird that comes with

Storybook Tea Towels

storybook tea towel by heather alstead
Wouldn't these make the perfect Christmas presents? I really wouldn't mind receiving a tea towel if it was one of these. storybook tea towel by heather alstead Drying the dishes has never been anybody's favourite task, but you've got to hand it to the designers, they really are trying their damndest to ease the pain