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Large Display Table

14th October 2015
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This is a clever idea with the wrong name. Who needs, or has space for, a display table? Is it even a proper table? That ledge means you can hardly sit round it for breakfast. But, BUT, hang on a minute. Change the word table to desk and suddenly this is looking like an interesting piece of furniture.

It’s big. Good. I like a big desk. And that ledge means you can put all the stuff that needs to live on the desk but isn’t used all the time, out of the way of the actual working bit. So lamps, files, plants if you want, pens, random collection of USB sticks, child’s plasticine thingy/sculpture, receipts that need filing… well that’s my ledge taken care of anyway.

Then, THEN, we’re not finished with this usefulness yet. You can magnet post it notes and reminders and Very Important Stuff to the front of the ledge and then, bingo, you’re left with a clear space for working.

Clever innit? If I hadn’t created a desk from a length of old lab worktop in the loft, this is definitely the one I would be having. It’s 2m long which is perfect for those you (OK me) who like to expand to fill all the available space. It’s 75cm wide and is made from wood and zinc.

Of course if you live in a house with a large hall (who ARE you and can I come round?) then this would also be good there – flowers, post, keys, table lamp etc. But, back in the small hall world, this is a brilliant piece of furniture.

It’s from roseandgrey and costs £895.

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  • fiona duke 14th October 2015 at 11:30 am

    very nice and at 2m dare I say it, not a bad price for a table/desk that size….

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