Large Display Table

large metal desk table from rose and grey This is a clever idea with the wrong name. Who needs, or has space for, a display table? Is it even a proper table? That ledge means you can hardly sit round it for breakfast. But, BUT, hang on a minute. Change the word table to desk

Zinc Planters from Cox and Cox

wicker grow bag hider from cox and cox I am not one of life's gardeners. However, I do like a nice garden to look at and now that it's indisputably summer (the season if not the weather) it's time to think about pretty things to put in it. zinc florists vase from cox and cox

Garden Lounge Chair

metal lounge chair garden
metal lounge chair from cox and cox I hardly dare think it, let alone write it, but perhaps, just perhaps it is time to think that summer might be around the corner. There is blue sky with fluffy white clouds, there is a yellow orb peeking shyly out from behind them and the lawn definitely

Objects Of Design #80: Zinc Window Box

  These shiny zinc window boxes make a change from all that galvanized steel and lead that's always around.  Stick one of these on the window and fill it with herbs - the smell will be lovely - or add a mix of flowers for a bit more colour. Whatever you choose it can be

Objects Of Design #65: Zinc Planters

  These really are beautiful, although I appreciate that at this price, you won't be grouping them on the deck anytime soon. However, a single one with a large camelia or magnolia in, or perhaps a wisteria by the front door, will look stunning and have the added advantage of being to heavy for anyone