Zinc Planters from Cox and Cox

wicker grow bag hider from cox and cox
wicker grow bag hider from cox and cox

I am not one of life’s gardeners. However, I do like a nice garden to look at and now that it’s indisputably summer (the season if not the weather) it’s time to think about pretty things to put in it.

zinc florists vase from cox and cox
zinc florists vase from cox and cox

I have always loved the zinc buckets that florists use to display their wares and now you can buy them for a tenner from Cox and Cox. The thing to do, I’m reliably informed by Mother, is to line the base with broken flower pots of plates so that water can drain away from the roots at the bottom and stop everything getting waterlogged.

set of three zinc planters

This set of three zinc planters was designed with a milk churn in mind and would look gorgeous filled with lavender and rosemary as well as sage which would all contrast beautifully with the pale silvery colour of the tubs. I feel quite tempted to become a gardener after all that.

These would look great on my deck.

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