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Postcard from the podcast (115)

Victorian terrace house black extension, outdoor sofa, armchairs, coffee table and floor lamp, garden at
  My garden at the old Mad House! Summer finally seems to have landed and on this week’s podcast Sophie and I discuss outdoor living. I am firmly of the opinion that you should take the indoors outdoors for true comfort. I want armchairs, sofas, and real crockery, while Sophie likes throwing a few rugs

Re-inventing Estate Agency: an interview with The Modern House

As regular readers will know I, and many of you, am slightly obsessed with The Modern House, a UK estate agency that has reinvented the genre, not just by apparently agreeing to sell only beautiful houses, but by turning itself into a sort of magazine providing endless inspiration and aspiration to those of us who

Seletti Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower by seletti I've given up trying to schedule posts to go with the weather, but it's July, it's officially summer and if it's not hot today then it will be tomorrow. Maybe. Anyway, weather schmeather, this was just too much fun not to share. outdoor copper shower It's a copper outdoor shower by

Zinc Planters from Cox and Cox

wicker grow bag hider from cox and cox I am not one of life's gardeners. However, I do like a nice garden to look at and now that it's indisputably summer (the season if not the weather) it's time to think about pretty things to put in it. zinc florists vase from cox and cox

Recycled Garden Furniture

white garden furniture from john lewis
white garden furniture from john lewis by qui est paul? There was a brief spell of sunny weather a couple of days ago. Did you see it? Did you sit in it more to the point. It seems to have gone again now but, in the hope that it will return I found this the

Outdoor Rugs

outdoor patio image from So outdoor rugs. I have just always loved them. I think it's the idea of having a proper outdoor sitting room - as in living in a climate that's so gorgeous all the time that you can afford to have proper comfortable furniture outside. Because it won't be constantly rained

Buttoned Velvet Cushion

velvet cushion from cox and cox Finally, dare we to hope that summer is on its way? Apparently we can't officially call it summer yet as the bluebells are still out and they are the quintessential spring flower. But, technicalities aside, the sun is out, I can smell the neighbouring barbecues as I type and

Striped picnic blankets and cushions

grey striped garden cushions from nordic house
grey striped garden cushions from nordic house It's been nearly a week of sunshine (not that I'm counting or anything) and operation fantasy garden is in full swing. I've found the perfect elegant lounging chair, some great accessories for eating outside and now this gorgeous quilted picnic blanket and cool striped cushions. I'm not one

Garden Lounge Chair

metal lounge chair garden
metal lounge chair from cox and cox I hardly dare think it, let alone write it, but perhaps, just perhaps it is time to think that summer might be around the corner. There is blue sky with fluffy white clouds, there is a yellow orb peeking shyly out from behind them and the lawn definitely

Mad About … Outdoor Living Rooms

There is something almost unbearably romantic about an outdoor living room. Perhaps it is just the promise of a summer so long and hot that you don't need to worry about the rain ruining the furniture. Perhaps it is simply that in the UK, the summers are neither long enough not dry enough to warrant

Objects of Design #71: Mustique Lounge Chair

mustique chair from There's nothing like a bit of rattan to get you in the mood for summer and, of course, we all know the sun always shone in the 70s (ssh yes it did, it's the land of nostalgia where it's always summer). This chair just puts me in a sunny mood straight

Objects of Design #70: Tokyo Pop Chaise

Tokyo Pop Chaise from Now I can see myself happily lounging on this on a summer afternoon in the garden. And in the winter, when everything looks a little forlorn, it is so sculpural that it will still look great. Imagine it in a snowy garden among the monochrome trees ... on the other