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Postcard from the podcast – Style Surgery

Should you put off your dream renovation plans while you save up and have to make do with something you don’t love in the meantime and why colour blocking isn’t just for babies. In our monthly style surgery, we help listeners with their personal design dilemmas. From procrastinating over plans to build a dream kitchen

The Three Key Questions You Need To Ask Before You Start Decorating

kws hidden office door by mark anthony fox
Some of you will have read this before - I first published it in 2018 and it was then expanded to six questions for my second book 101 Interior Design Answers, which came out as the lockdown started in 2020. As we near the anniversary of that date and we appear to have lurched from

An Interview with Skin of Skunk Anansie and the Dulux Colour Of The Year

Portrait of Skin sitting on a stool with large grey folded top. Photo by Marco Ovando
Two big topics for you this week on the podcast with an interview with Skin, singer with Skunk Anansie as well as discussion of the Dulux colour of the year. Now, by the time you read this the colour will have been announced so I'll come to that at the end. First up Skin, whose

Monday Inspiration: That unexpected colour burst

Kate Watson-Smyth looks at ways of introducing pops of colours to a scheme. A favourite piece of artwork is made a focal point with a wide painted border in this dining room. #popofcolour #diningroom #madaboutthehouse
Now I'm well aware that most of the internet has gone Christmas-mad already. Well, there'll be none of that in this corner. Firstly, there's clearly enough of it everywhere else and, secondly, not everyone likes or celebrates this time of year and I feel there should be respite. Also, and this is maybe not everyone,

Monday Inspiration: New Season

A look at the new season with some Monday inspiration from Kate Watson-Smyth. Brighten up a space with a bold splash of yellow, the classic roll-top bath has been given a modern update. #yellowbath #bathroom #madaboutthehouse
And we're back. Happy September everyone. Are you ready? I'm sure the parents among you are desperate for term to start again. It's bittersweet for us this year as the 18yo will be off to university in a couple of weeks which is both a proud and a tearful moment. For everyone else ( and