pendant light

Feather Light

This is one of those "if I had a boudoir moments" because if I did I would surely have this light in it. Isn't it a fabulous thing? It looks like a party skirt - in fact I'm sure I saw one similar on Net a Porter a few weeks ago. With a light like

Pendant Light with Leather Strap

Lighting treats today people. Just look at this gorgeous metal pendant light with its thick leather strap. It makes me slightly breathless just to look at it. I wish, wish wish I had a high enough ceiling to put this in my kitchen. I'm wondering if I can just do away with the extractor fan

Brass Flower Ceiling Light

So when you've painted your walls in a fabulous neutral shade (by which I mean grey of any description) or left them white and painted the cornicing only in a distinctive shade (by which I might mean grey of any description) you need to start adding in the furniture and lighting. Now, for those of

Z1 Cotton Lamp Pendant

Styling by Katrine Candice Kong, photography by Francois Kong for bodieandfou It's taken me a while to make my mind up about these pendant lamps, but suddenly, now that the summer is here, they feel perfect for the long summer days. Designed by Chilean Creative Director Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate, the Z1 pendant lamp is a celebration of local handicraft crafts and skills from different