Think You Know Natuzzi? Think again.

Congratulations if you have made it past the headline. I know what you’re thinking. Natuzzi – isn’t that that Italian company that’s all about the very expensive leather furniture set in the 1980s?

my room set for Natuzzi

Well you’re right. And you’re wrong. Because yes there is that. But there is a whole lot more besides which is definitely worth investigating.

Elsa Lamp – Floor lamp £840 and table lamp £560 – you can’t see it very well here – click the link

A few months ago the company approached me and ask if I would do some styling in their Hampstead store. Now, like you I thought 1980s. Leather. Erm, not for me thank you very much. And they came back and asked again. And changed the date. And so I decided that it had to be worth a look at least.

La Scala sofa from £3,630 square ottoman from £660 and round quilted from £490

And I have to say I was not only surprised by what I found but I liked an awful lot of it. Then I heard that the 2LG Studio Russell and Jordan had also been asked to do some styling for the same event.

“But they’re vegan,” I said. “They won’t want to be working with all that leather.”

“But there’s velvet,” they said. “Lots of velvet. And tweed. And lighting. And accessories.”

Plisse Bookcase from £2,230

And so we were in. And I can tell you honestly that those readers who came to the event last weekend were all surprised by what they found. Pleasantly so.

The shelving which I had used was, said Russell, very HAY. The glassware which they had used would, said Jordan, fit perfectly in a Scandi setting. The velvet chairs which came in green and navy, we all agreed, were both pretty and comfortable and covetable.

Don Giovanni sofa – from £2,630 and Viaggio chair from £1,890 but also check out Dolly from £1,380

So, yes this is a sponsored post. But, as you can see I considered it very carefully  and I hope too, to echo one of the guests at Sunday’s event: “I wasn’t sure about Natuzzi but when I saw that you and Russell and Jordan were here I thought there must be something worth seeing and it’s true, there is” that you will agree. And I agreed to it because I saw beyond the styling and found something that I liked and that I honestly think you will too.

Martini floor lamp £840 and Accademia sideboard from £2,840

So – tactics. Go to the website and look for the items that I have labelled in the captions, which are the pieces we used. It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s a start. And you have to ignore the styling on the site. And if you see a sofa you like then look at the shape of it and then think about the fabric. These are the ones that I and 2LG would have in our homes and we have no hesitation in suggesting you put them in yours.

the glassware is very Scandi in feel – this is Bambu from £40

And, if it helps, here is a 15 per cent discount, which runs until 25 December to give you time to think about it. Now you can’t shop online I’m afraid so you will need to print this code NTZHAMPSTEADMATH and take it to the store but it might be worth the trip for the discount alone. I know many of us prefer to touch and feel and sit in real life when we’re buying furniture.

Omega desk from £2,220 in marble

And this desk. Seriously I would.



Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this having been at the event on Sunday. The room sets were gorgeously styled and the collection was a revelation – not at all what I was expecting. They have some great dining tables too. The Hex table is stunning and definitely something I’d have at home
    Thanks Kate for broadening my horizons, and it was lovely to see you too.

  2. For many years we had a large house in the Italian countryside not far from Perugia where they have a store. We bought some Natuzzi armchairs upholstered in natural linen fabric. The most comfortable arm chairs ever sat in according to husband and many friends!

    It’s all about the quality and genius design. The arm chair only has 2 small legs at the front and slopes to the ground at the back. We recently had it re upholstered here in England and the upholsterer was somewhat astonished by the design. “Looks normal st the front” said he”….and so comfortable to sit in”. Natuzzi furniture needs to be experienced in my opinion.

  3. How funny. I walk past that shop frequently and have never had any desire to go in. A few days ago, I walked by, looked at the windows, and thought “whoa, that’s a change. I might actually be willing to go in and take a look around.” Nice to now know why. Well done on the styling in the shop–it’s working.”

  4. I’m not old enough to remember the things you’re referring to, but I’ve had a look at the website and liked quite a few of the products. The don giovanni sofa is absolutely beautiful – I love the shape of it. Also really love the bambu glassware. It’s a shame there is no online shopping as I live nowhere near London and am very taken with it.

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