Bench with Storage

Following yesterday’s 10 Beautiful Rooms house tour with Caz Roberts, I was so taken with her storage bench situation that I had to see if I could find us one for our own homes.

caz roberts house in grazia image by Chris Tubbs
caz roberts house in grazia image by Chris Tubbs

And the good news is I have found a couple of solutions. As I said yesterday it’s perfect if you work at the kitchen table because you can just slide your papers and work under the seat at the end of the day and bingo the room is tidy. If you’re worried about papers sliding off and it looking messy then you could buy a series of boxes that fit under in a colour of your choosing so that there’s a uniform look from the back.

etsy storage bench
etsy storage bench

In a really small flat with not enough storage you could look at keeping cutlery in a box under there as well as place mats or possibly even plates although you would have to be sure the bench wasn’t going to tip over. Or you could use the cutlery tray idea and fill it with pens and the stapler and other desk-like stuff so that you could just slide it out after breakfast in the morning and create an instant office vibe.

industrial vintage storage bench from pedlars
industrial vintage storage bench from pedlars

Further travels around the internet revealed that vintage ones do come up – look for locker room bench with wire storage or words like that but they were mostly out of stock when I was looking yesterday. If you are really keen then you can always set up a google alert. And you could spray the legs of the one above black or any colour you liked to make it look a bit older.

I found one at Lovely & Co now out of stock and another at Mayfly Vintage  so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

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  1. Lord – this is genius.
    Consider upgrading my existing bench as my bank holiday project!

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