Black and White Stacking Mugs


Aren’t these mugs gorgeous? Now that most of the furniture for the loft has been bought, I’m thinking about the twiddly bits round the edges. New office needs new office mugs surely?

I fancy a set of these which will go beautifully with the black and white colour scheme but bring a softer element to the rafters, bricks and beams. Or perhaps to sit on the kitchen shelves, which, last time you saw them, were a very dark grey, but which will soon be a soft shade of black. Mind you this is a job I have to do myself so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

I’ll probably be drinking coffee out of the new mug and just staring at the paint brush for several weeks.

These, in case you are interested are by Gillian Arnold, they cost £39 for the set and are available from Chloe James Lifestyle store. There are four in the set, which make up the complete pattern when stacked. They’re aliums which are also my favourite flowers. Well those and peonies, which are basically just a blowsier version of these.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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