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The Househunter 31/7/15

31st July 2015
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dining room kitchen

Last househunting before the August break as the market often goes quiet then so I thought we’d have a wander round this house in Highgate, north London which is on the market for £1.2m via The Modern House. It was designed by the minimalist architect John Pawson from what is believed to be a old brewery.

sofa table

It is one of his earliest works and has never been published so students of his work will be able to spot many of the elements which would later become his trademarks; the white walls with shadow gaps, bespoke joinery and clever use of natural light.

minimal dining room

The steep staircase leading down to the kitchen might be an architectural touch too far for me and the shower is open plan, but there are plenty of other clever touches in here.


I’m quite keen on that desk and sofa combined piece although I have no idea if that’s a Pawson piece or not. It’s a great idea if you’re short of space, which clearly this room isn’t but it’s a clever piece of furniture.

john pawson loft space

For a more detailed wander around click on the link above.

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