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Brass Mirror

18th March 2015
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aged-brass-mirror from rockett st george

I love rooms with mirrors and pictures propped up against the wall. It creates a wonderful artist atelier kind of vibe and also means that you can move things around when the fancy takes you. After all, despite all those magazine articles and blogs telling us to simply move the furniture round when we feel like a change, for most of us there’s only one place where the sofa and bed can go.

I definitely haven’t got the option of putting the sofa in any position other than the one it’s in. Which basically means that nothing else in the room can move either. But, by propping pictures against the wall, you can at least change things that way. Yes, yes assuming you’ve got some empty wall. I know, in my sitting room I haven’t. But I have in the bedroom. And on a shelf in the kitchen.

This desire to prop things on walls perhaps also explains the popularity of the picture ledge, which I featured a few weeks ago. That’s an endless curation job right there. Well, we can call it curation. What is actually is, for those of us who work from home, is an endless opportunity to procrastinate and prevaricate without ever getting down to any work.

What me? Never…

Anyway, this mirror is from Rockett St George and I can already picture it against the exposed brick wall of my soon-to-be-converted loft.

Now I must dash, I’ve got shelves to curate.

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