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It may have escaped your notice as I’ve only mentioned it a couple (of thousand) times but plans to convert the loft are gaining momentum. The drawings are being finalised, the builder is checking his diary and the mood boards are over flowing. One piece that is already determined however, is the bathroom basin.

It is to be the London basin by Roca. Part of a series by this Spanish company I have loved this basin since it first came out. And when there wasn’t even a London one in the set. I know! Imagine.

roca london basin

The full range now comprises Barcelona, London, Berlin, Shanghai, Rio and New York. Yes, plenty of room for more aren’t there? They’re a good size, deep and square and the black and white design will go with anything. We will probably stick to the monochrome theme with white metro tiles and white floorboards although I like the idea of standing the basin on a piece of reclaimed wood or old butcher’s block to stop it looking too modern and clinical.

roca urban basin

Above is Rio and you can guess with Berlin at the top. This is London (now go back and read that in a potentous BBC voice. Better isn’t it). I slightly wish they made them to order because I would definitely want an Italian one. And I imagine French readers will be jumping up and down demanding to know what happened to Paris.

urban basin london

Prices start at £268 and you can buy them from here. Now to start thinking about taps. I fear brass taps might be another item awaiting lottery funding so I guess it’ll be good old chrome as usual.

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