Keeping Cosy

Objects Of Design #343: Stacking Concrete Pots

sleek concrete desktop storage I just love these concrete stacking pots from new company Between Dog and Wolf, which was set up last year. It's from the French: entre chien et loup, a phrase often used to describe the passage of time from dusk to night. It's the space in which day and night co-exist

Objects Of Design #342: Sausage Dog

guard from the draughts You might be lucky enough to live in a house with no draughts. Might as well stop reading here then. For the rest of us, this gorgeous lavender filled sausage dog will guard the room from those biting draughts that are a feature of the British winter and the Victorian house.

Objects Of Design #341: Luxurious Fur Throw

keep February at bay with this luxurious faux fur throw Well, if we're talking about keeping cosy then this faux bear fur throw is probably the best solution for that. This'll keep February at bay. Throw is over the bed, drape it along the back of the sofa and then wrap it around yourself, pour

Objects Of Design #339: Picture Frame Pillowcase

cotton pillowcase made Portugal I don't normally hold with comedy bed linen. All that Mr and Mrs stuff is a bit of a cliche now but I do like this. It's  slightly more subtle than the usual nudge nudge wink wink line and, frankly, I rather like the idea that I can be a beautifully

Objects Of Design #338: Flannel Bedding

Cosy nights: flannel bedding There was a bit of a twitterstorm a couple of weeks ago when it first emerged that flannel bedding has made a comeback. A press release from Debenhams said that sales of the traditional sheets, probably last popular in WWII, are soaring. They put it down to the rising cost of