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This post used to be called 365 Objects of Design; the idea being that I would blog something every single day. Now, as you know, after three-and-a-half years, I have recently cut that down to four times a week so that I would have more time to go out and find said Objects of Design to show you.

capsbury-7915 125
C-Tables by Alexander Mueller for Capsbury image by Yeshen

Today, though, I’m bringing you a bumper edition as I have just visited Design Junction where there were probably 3,650 wonderful objects. But I wanted to show you a few that caught my eye. It’s not an exhaustive list; I can tell from my twitter feed that I missed loads, but it’s just a few. Some of them aren’t yet available in the UK but I wanted to show you in case any buyers are reading and want to stock them.

c tables at capsbury 1

Some of them aren’t yet on sites because they were launched at the shows so if you follow the link and don’t find what you are looking for then do contact the company. These tables above were one of five collaborations between Capsbury, a company which has been an “own-brand” supplier to many UK retailers, and award-winning designers. I just loved these marble and metal tables.

loom chair
The Loom Chair by hfurniture 

These next pieces are by hfurniture who, it turned out, I have blogged about before. Good to know I’m consistent in my choices. Remember the Pie Chart Coffee Table? I had no idea it was the same people, perhaps they should have been shouting about that. Anyway, they also made this wonderful chair which is possibly the most comfortable chair I ever sat in. And that has nothing to do with my totally inappropriate shoes and the fact I discovered this chair about four miles in.

a professional shot of the loom chair by hfurniture

Anyway, the Loom chair was inspired by a small manual belt-making loom in Oaxaca, Mexico. Threads of strong elastic polyester woven cord are stretched to create the seating area and back rest. Each particular thread is an independent element from beginning to end — by selecting different thread colours, they can create totally different looks and patterns. It comes in a choice of woods and cords although there is a bespoke service available as well. It costs from £334.

belt series by hfurniture

Also in the collection was this amazing coat rack, which comes with five hangers. I think it’s so new that I can’t find it on the site, so here is my rather terrible phone shot which looks more like a dinosaur skeleton.You’ll just have to trust me on this one. It’s the Belt Series Hanging Rack and is £233. This would be the most perfect coat rack in a hall or alcove. And if you had more than five coats…pause… then you could alternate these with some other statement hangers, in copper for example.

lights by Rubn

I also fell in love with the lights by Rubn, a Swedish company who pride themselves on making lights for both everyday living and grand interiors. Their lights are simple and functional and I would be happy to own any one of them. I took a picture of a fabulous copper one, part of the collection but between the banana skin next to it and the dirty window, it didn’t really quite work out, you’ll have to keep an eye out for that one.

table lights from

Next up is – a company so new that I’m not sure you can buy any of it anywhere but I like their ideas so I hope someone will pick up on them. They have come up with the idea of a wooden ring that fits empty jars and holds them together thereby creating new storage jars.

co pots
co pots by

I know it sounds odd but I think it’s actually really clever. We have masses of empty glass jars and often they just end up in the recycling, but this would allow you to create a series of mismatched (always my favourite) slightly sculptural storage that you adapt to the contents: spaghetti, lentils, couscous etc. They’re so new that I had to photograph their leaflet to show you (my picture was rubbish again; too many people, too many shadows etc).

co pots

Next, I loved this blue pattern from Hokolo. It also comes in yellow for those who don’t find that a tricky colour. These cushions are made in London from 100 per cent wool that was woven in Scotland. The range includes lampshades and cocktail chairs too.

image by Yeshen
Benedict Blue from Hokolophotography by Yeshen Venema

And finally, although as I said, this is by no means an exhaustive list, it was lovely to see, and more importantly, touch, the creations of Waffle Design. Rugs, cushions, throws and more, all with their distinctive waffle weave in lovely shades of grey. Ciara also offers bespoke designs and, having taken the inappropriate shoes off (ah the relief) to stand on one of the rugs barefoot I can personally attest to its softness.
image by yeshen

See, if I hadn’t been wearing ridiculous shoes, I would never have been able to report on that detail for you. The lengths I go to… have a lovely weekend everyone.







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