French Bed Linen

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Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I was sent a set of linen bedsheets and a matching duvet cover. “Oof,” said my mother-in-law in fierce defence of my father-in-law, who owned a textile factory making high quality cotton bedding, “you’ll have to iron it or it won’t be comfortable. And what’s wrong with cotton anyway?”

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Well there’s nothing wrong with cotton sheets. I’m a big fan. But, ten years later, I am still loving my linen bedding. And no, I never iron it. There’s a lot to be said for careful removal from the washing machine, good spreading for drying and taking care with the folding.

Genuisa bed linen from Soak&sleep

There’s nothing to beat that sense of freshly laundered sheets on the bed. These rather lovely images are from Soak and Sleep (who have recently changed their name from the Duvet and Pillow Warehouse) who sell lovely bedlinen and towels at very reasonable prices.

New towels from Soak & Sleep

The set pictured below is from their new French range and costs £60 for a double duvet cover. They also have silk sheets (I’d be worried about sliding out of bed) and cotton of 1000 thread count.

Pure French Bed Linen

Well it’s the weekend, enjoy those extra hours in bed and, if you’re reading this on the day of publication 31 May 2014) they’re have a sale with 20 per cent off.

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