Large Glass Bottle Floor Lamp

large glass bottle floor lamp from ebury home and garden
large glass bottle floor lamp from ebury home and garden

Most glass bottle lamps stand on a table but this is an outsize version that would look great standing on the floor. It comes with this grey linen shade and the whole thing is 97cm tall.

The flex that is supplied is black and white striped, but I would be tempted to swap that for a colour that picks up the decor of the room you are putting it in. Neon pink, red or bright green for example. As the base is glass you might as well draw attention to that fact. And, I have to admit that the black and white one reminds me of my iron.

You can pick up coloured flex really cheaply these days. Urban Cottage Industries sell a huge range of colours for less than £5 a metre and if you know how to change the cord yourself then it’s an easy fix. I don’t, but I am about to change all my pendant lights from plastic to twisted cable and I intend to watch the electrician very closely when he comes so that I can learn how to do it myself. It can’t be difficult!

I have just bought some black and gold flex and two ceilings roses in vintage brass and antique bronze so that I can get rid of the horrid plastic ceiling fixtures that are currently in place. Here’s what I bought and when it’s fixed I’ll show you.

coloured flex from urban cottage industries
coloured flex from urban cottage industries

This  light is from Ebury Home and Garden and costs £167.

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