Green Velvet Sofa

Scott sofa £999 and Branko rug £399

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was starting to fall for the colour green. You may remember this green velvet armchair that had caught my eye. Then suddenly I saw this sofa and BOOM. I LOVE THIS SOFA. If I hadn’t just dropped a squillion pounds on a new loft I would definitely be contemplating adding this to my sitting room. Green and dark grey is just a gorgeous combination.

Cullen clock £49 and Sable table £79

Instead I have had to settle for suggesting it to clients – two so far – which isn’t the same thing at all. For one who was painting her walls dark grey I suggested this green sofa and another in a pale, silvery grey. I may have been mentally redecorating my own sitting room at this point but I think that’s a gorgeous combination.

Juke armchair £499 and

Anyway, back to the sofa, although it would be good with these chairs above too wouldn’t it? And that is basically the point. These images (and the items pictured) are the result of a collaboration between MADE.COM and Livingetc. They have teamed up in a two year deal to produce eight capsule collections. Livingetc come up with the concept and it’s created by MADE’s in house design studio.

Range side table £79 and Sable £169

The first collection is for the living room and features luxury materials including hide, marble and velvet – with prices ranging between £28 for a cushion and £999 for a three-seater sofa. The neutral palette also has injections of on-trend copper and this gorgeous green.

What do you think?

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. My eye was drawn to that gorgeous rug – have to see whether it’s part of the new collection

  2. I like the look of the range and adore the sofa! I worry how comfortable the arms are with that sort of shape as I tend to slouch into a sofa arm, but aesthetically I like the shape and the colour is gorgeous.

    Makes sense as a brand collaboration too.

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