Happy Easter from the HAM Bunny

It’s become a bit of an annual tradition to show you my favourite bunny at Easter and designer Jo Robinson has kindly obliged with a new set of designs which have just been released. Meet the Yoga Bunny.


Also new to the H A M collection are Trapeze Rabbit, Seaside Rabbit and Redecorating Rabbit, who you can see below. He looks bit precarious on that ladder. One can only hope this was before he started on the wine-tasting.


I must confess to a sneaking fondness for Wine-tasting Rabbit, however. Mind you, after a day of watching your children run around looking for, and eating, vast quantities of chocolate, you too might be ready for a bit of wine-tasting. Probably by lunch time if past experience is anything to go by.


The mugs are all made in Stoke on Trent by one of the few remaining English potteries. They are hand decorated and dishwasher safe. Sadly, they are not drop-safe as my poor broken Partying Pig mug will attest (I blame the wine-tasting rabbit for this accident). I plan to mend him with the gorgeous gold Kintsugi glue and think he will look very fine with a little bling, especially as he is party pig.


All these pictures are taken by Yeshen Venema and very fine images they are too. Please make sure you keep his details if you pin any of these images.

Otherwise may your children’s sugar rush be small and your wine-tasting pleasant. Happy Easter.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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