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As it’s the bank holiday weekend and many of you will be out and about rather than stuck to your screens (and that includes me) I thought we would use today to revisit some of the best rooms for sale so far this year.

image by nic granleese
image by nic granleese

How often do you find that there’s a great kitchen but you hate the sitting room. One bedroom is spacious, the second a cupboard. Or you would hand over the money there and then if it weren’t for the bathroom.

from 23/1/15
from 23/1/15

So today we’re going to play fantasy househunting as usual but take it up a notch. Today I have created my perfect house from all that has been featured this year. You may, and almost certainly will, disagree with my choices. In which case you can go here and play your own version.

images by Anders Bergstedt
images by Anders Bergstedt

There is, of course, a real danger that we will end up with a house with seven kitchens, two bedrooms and no sitting room. I have tried to make it as real as possible. Well, I use the term “real” somewhat loosely.

househunter 27/2/15

Obviously both these bathrooms are a tad over the top but I couldn’t resist.


Now it turns out that bedrooms rarely feature on the househunter’s radar. Probably because they’re usually quite dull spaces so let’s have this instead and pretend that it’s a sort of dressing room sitting room that annexes off a bedroom. Because that would be a proper dream come true.


And this should be the staircase that leads up to it.


Finally, because there are no more bedrooms but I do like a bit of panelling, I’m going to include this and say it will be the master bedroom. It’s what you will find at the top of these stairs. With the his and hers bathrooms above.


So, the only question is – how much for this weird hybrid house palace?

Kate Watson-Smyth

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