The Househunter 27/2/15

Now I don’t normally tangle with rentals here. Probably something to do with the only child sydrome. I hate borrowing, find it hard to share. Libraries are anathema to me I need to own the book not return it. Anyway, every now and then an exception must be made, and this, people, is that exception.


It’s a huge penthouse apartment with four bedrooms and bathrooms, three receptions and direct lift access. It’s available furnished or unfurnished for one year.


The spaces are amazing aren’t they? Although I would like to have seen the kitchen which seems conspicuous by its absence.


Mind you when the bathroom looks like that you can only imagine how the kitchen must be. Unless of course it’s for people who don’t cook and always eat out. Perhaps the owner’s personal hygiene is amazing and ability to cook less so…


According to the brochure it has a kitchen and a “back-up kitchen”. I’m struggling with that concept. When do you need a back-up? If the oven breaks down in one do you just move to the other? If the dishwasher’s full and you can’t be bothered to unload it likewise?

Should you be interested it’s available via Strutt & Parker, it’s near the New King’s Road and it behaves according to the old adage: if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it. Soz.

gold bathroom

How about this for a luxurious bathroom then? Every home should have a gold wall. No really, I think it should. This is on the market for £1,395,000 with The Modern House and after this bathroom the rest is rather minimal, but that’s probably a good thing.

grey and white dining room from

I think it’s quite cool to keep everything grey and monochrome in the more public parts of the house and then have a gold bathroom. You can imagine the owners running in here and throwing their clothes off and just dancing with glee at the contrast and opulence of it all.

kitchen with a view

Mind you, when the views are framed like that perhaps you need to keep it plain inside. What next? Oh yes, this:


It’s on the market with Domus Nova for £1,450,000 but never mind that now, just look at this lovely restful space. It’s a two bedroom maisonette with a patio garden. I know it’s a silly amount of money but the spaces work really well – probably because it was a huge house to begin with so it’s made a generous flat.


The bathroom is also a good size and it’s share of freehold which is always good if you can get it. I really like the soft monochrome tones with pale wood and white but am pretty sure that I would end up adding colour if I lived there and it would become a lot less restful. I’m already thinking of painting that bedroom in a deep dark grey…


Have a good day everyone, enjoy your fantasy househunting.






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