Industrial Side Table

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What about this for a bit of luxecycling then? Created by Ursh Stevens of Refunked, it’s an old Burco Boiler that she found in a junk yard and she says she knew instantly she “had to have it”. Now there’s no question that it’s a great object but that is where I would have stopped.

Ursh, on the other hand, because this is what she does, said: “As it was an electrical water boiler it was logical to create a lamp table. It had an extra large cage style bulb in it.”

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I’m not sure my logic works like that but then my husband is fond of telling me that my logic is mostly flawed so perhaps it is really logical. Anyway, be that as it may, this is a rather beautiful table. It is ver industrial yes, but, as I may have said once or twice before, I like mixing things up and I could see this quite happily sitting at the end of my dark grey velvet sofa.

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Or perhaps it might be possible to gloss it up a bit so that it looked a bit more luxe. Some of you will prefer it in its raw state like this, which I get, but it’s harder for most of us to integrate that with the rest of the furniture we have. So if you don’t actually live in a converted warehouse loft apartment (sigh) then finding a way of polishing it up means that it could fit into any interior.

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I do like the pink cord – these details are what we’re all about. Inside is an extra large cage light bulb so it will be a feature even when it’s not turned on.

As it’s only just finished it wasn’t on the website at the time of writing but you want it it’s £395 delivered (I might fight you for it) and you can contact Ursh through her site. And if you like that you might also like this rather cool light she made from a petrol pump nozzle.

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And on that note, I shall leave you to enjoy your day. Have a great weekend everyone x

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