Mad About … White Kitchens Part I

This week we are mostly Mad About The White House. A week in New York for Blogtour has revealed that white is a major trend at the moment so we will be dedicating this week to all things white. White kitchens have been popular for a while but perhaps it’s time to think about white accessories.

In recent years, it has been all about stainless steel and chrome for ovens and sinks but white is making a comeback. Take a look.

The oven from Miele's new brilliant white series
The oven from Miele’s new brilliant white series

I must admit to hankering after a white oven when we were doing the house up, but even two years, there weren’t that many around and the ones that you could find were more retro than we wanted. The new Brilliant White series from Miele (it rhymes with Tequila by the way) has brought the white look bang up to date though.

Miele’s brillliant white kitchen appliance series

Now yes, Miele is expensive but they do make products that keep on going. I have several friends who put Miele on their wedding lists or who saved up to buy one of their products. I can say this with impunity because I don’t own anything of theirs. And, it must be said, I have had to call various plumbers and repairmen more often than they have over the years. So you can make of that what you will.

miele white
The white series from Miele

The range includes a convection oven, steam oven, speed oven (which might just be a fancy way of saying microwave) and, get this, a whole bean coffee system as well as a plate and cup warmer.

And quick quiz fact – what was the first thing that Miele made?*

But it wasn’t just Miele, who were showing off their white side. Blanco also have a rather fabulous range called Crystalline.

Blanco's crystalline white sink
Blanco’s crystalline white sink

Also known as the vanishing sink, it comes with a rather nifty glass cover that slides over giving you extra space for chopping or just resting pans. This is another good idea that I toyed with when we were doing the kitchen but I obviously never got as far as Blanco in my search.

The Modex sink from Blanco
The Modex sink from Blanco

The company has also come up with a white tap which is rather lovely especially with the clean crisp lines of this Modex kitchen sink.

Blanco's all white now
Blanco’s all white now

The thing about white is that does make the space appear bigger and it will reflect the light. White kitchen appliances have suddenly gone from looking retro to looking rather futuristic.

LANCOSUBLINE 400-U with two bowls, SILGRANIT® white, undermount installation
LANCOSUBLINE 400-U with two bowls, SILGRANIT® white, undermount installation


* a butter churn. There, you weren’t expecting that now were you?


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  1. I would welcome the return of white appliances. I am absolutely sick of the tryanny of stainless steel that attract fingermarks with the slightest touch. Now, what are the chances of being able to buy a white GAS oven anytime soon?

    1. Well actually you can! Now the white range cookers are by far the most beautiful but obviously not everyone has the space or the budget for one of those but a quick search has revealed several white gas cookers from all the usual suspects. I have found a Baumatic as well as Indesit and Electrolux. Try our good friends John Lewis for an initial browse.

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