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Objects Of Design #110: Chunky Blanket Chest

18th June 2012
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Looks like an heirloom

My mother has an old blanket box at the end of her bed. It’s a very beautiful item that came from my Grandmother and she won’t give it to me. In the absence of my very own proper heirloom, I have tracked down these chests from Lombok. This one is made from teak with a mahogany stain and  brass fittings. Many of the original blanket boxes were made from camphor wood which repels the moths. Canny idea that but, as I say, my mother won’t hand hers over (are you reading this Mother?) so the moths are flying free and my clothes have holes in. Weep for me no longer though as I shall be saving up for one of these. You can, handily, pay in monthly installments too.

www.lombok.co.uk from £595

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