Objects of Design #345: A Rum Fellow

peruvian chair from a rum fellow
peruvian chair from a rum fellow

Today’s new discovery is A Rum Fellow, a site selling homewares and accessories from all over the world. It’s a real mix of vintage and contemporary so you will find 20th century French design next to handwoven rugs from Brazil and Peruvian chairs.

peruvian textiles on a danish chair from a rum fellow
peruvian textiles on a danish chair from a rum fellow

The Huanca chair, pictured above, is a Danish chair by Kai Kristiansen upholstered using authentic handwoven Peruvian fabric sourced from the Andes in Peru. The textile was made by a Quechua weaver and features condors and llamas as well as intricate geometric patterns that are the signature of this tribe’s style.

neon pink stripe vase from a rum fellow
neon pink stripe vase

I love that a place that sells handwoven vintage fabric can also find room for a neon vase like this.

yayamari cushions from Peru

Dylan O’Shea, perhaps the eponymous rum fellow, says the site is a finishing school for exceptional homeware, gifts, and accessories.


Calling himself an intrepid explorer, he says: “Mid 20th century French design meets hand loomed Quechan textiles; Amazonian hallucinogenic hand weaving meets Suffolk duck down. Every item is rich in heritage but not tied to the past.”


This is just a taster of what’s available. There are also lots of paintings and artwork.

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