Objects of Design #351: Objectables


I came across these wonderful pieces by Tim Gould, a set designer and builder from East Sussex who owns Objectables, last week and they all made me smile so I’m bringing them to you.

Usually I can’t bear painted furniture with whimsical quotes on it and if I see that ruddy Keep Calm logo one more time, things could get nasty. But I sense that Tim is a man after my own heart.

painted wooden box from

In his own words: “I like a bit of old looking furniture as much as the next Kirsty Allsop but I have begun to feel a little overwhelmed by the volume of old things with character available.

painted stool from

“On a recent shopping trip to Brighton in search of a small table, my wife and I were surprised to find that it was now impossible to find anything that was ‘without character’. That is to say painted badly with a pot of Farrow and Ball, attacked with a sander and trebled in price.

painted chest of drawers from

“It got me thinking two things: I could do that blindfolded, with the paint brush stuffed in my mouth whilst being strangled by a baboon and secondly What does character actually mean and why should I like it?

painted ping pong table from

“And after I had disposed of the blindfold and the mouth brush and re-homed the baboon it turned out that I could do it.”


So he did. Although he adds: “I am aware I am adding to the avalanche of upcycled furniture products already drowning the internet and high street junktique shops. But, with the two weapons of Sentiment and Humour I hope to create some special pieces which are worth loving again.”

I think he totally has. What do you think?


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. I love the can you fix it tool box, having been married for over 20 years and spent most of those solving my own DIY problems with a brilliant book would love it – Yes I can! But that may be the divorce speaking!

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