Objects of Design #350: Guess Who?

the felt and wooden organise shelf from says who

Today is all about love right? Well, you can keep all that hearts and flowers stuff. When I saw this shelf that was love. It’s by Danish company Says Who Design.


Founders Nicolaj and Kasper say: “Our style is rooted in the great traditions of Scandinavian design, and its love for simplicity, minimalism and functionality. We are part of the movement of New Scandinavian Design. On one hand we respect our design heritage, and on the other hand, we reinvent it to fit into our present time.”

minimalist mirror with hook for keys or bags from Danish company Says Who Design
minimalist mirror with hook for keys or bags from Danish company Says Who Design

I just love their designs which are, as they say, both traditionally simple and yet completely modern. A couple of years ago I interviewed Knud Erik Hansen, of the Danish company Carl Hansen & Son (he’s the son) who told me that the great designers of the mid-century would remove all extraneous detail, leaving only a form that was completely functional and yet sleekly beautiful.


Says Who Design have completely taken that philosophy and made it their own. The Fold sofa bed manages to look comfortable both as a sofa and a bed and was designed to flip easily into position. Something with which anyone who has wrestled with those metal framed spring versions that threaten to amputate a finger every time you try and unfold them and then twinge angrily when you turn over as if they want to spring shut again trapping you back inside for ever will sympathise …no? Just me? Time for a new one perhaps.

fold sofa bed

Or what about this rather lovely desk/dressing table with its gulley running round the edges – perfect for storing pencils and post or powders and, oh all right then, potions. This also makes it a great piece of furniture to have in a room that has to work as both spare room and study.

the stylo can be either desk or dressing table

Finally, the Tree Tree, which fits into a sitting room as an occasional desk or goes in the hall for more everyday storage.

the tree tree is both desk and hall storage

Like I said Love. So it’s not Guess Who it’s Says Who. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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