Objects of Design #349: Designer Garden Hose

designer garden hoses from Swedish company garden glory
designer garden hoses from Swedish company Garden Glory

Now look, I do realise that it’s hardly the weather to be talking about garden hoses but these made me smile and it’s definitely the weather to be encouraging smiling. Not to mention the fact that in ten minutes there’ll probably a hosepipe ban.

Inspired by the handbags of Hermes, Mulberry and Chanel, the Swedish company Garden Glory has created a range of hoses, nozzles and wall mounts in a range of fantastic colours and finishes.

Each one has a pretty “buckle” and you can choose either the reindeer wall mount or something plainer.

handbag hoses gold and white
handbag hoses from garden glory for “glamorous people with dirty nails”

Now, for the sake of completeness, and because at Mad About The House (I genuinely typed Hose there just now) we care about the detail, here are the all important things you need to know about these hoses.

They are made in Scandinavia and unlike ordinary garden hoses, the whole range is strengthened with a special knitting-enforcement around the inner tube. This makes them pliable and flexible and prevents those annoying kinks from forming. The surface of the hoses is dirt repellent and UV-protected. They are also free from lead and cadmium which means that the water is drinkable – just don’t tell the children. They are 20 metres long and you can connect two hoses together. The wall mounts are cast in aluminium, handpolished and powder coated. All hoses, nozzles and wall mounts can be combined freely.

GG_Reindeer Black with Black Swan Hose & Black Nozzle
Black swan garden hose

Got all that? They cost £89.95 from 95percent which, as I say, is irrelevant as you won’t be needing one at the moment but, suggestions for how else to glam up your garden equipment below.


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  1. OH MY GOD!! Honestly you find the best stuff. I love these much more than one should ever love a garden hose.

    I don’t care how much it’s currently raining, I need one of these bad boys pronto.


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