365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design #353: Hat Lamp

17th February 2014
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hat lamp by mars hwasung from eno studio

hat lamp by mars hwasung from eno studio

The hunt for the perfect spare room light has been going on for some time now. It’s a huge room with a high ceiling that has to work as an office, guest room and place for the children to hang out and play x-box and television.


the hat lamp costs €349

I think this may be it. At the moment there’s a big white paper lampshade. You know the sort of thing. They’re lovely and minimal in one sense and a bit, well, meh in the other. Also, for people of my generation are they are, inextricably, student. Again, nothing wrong with that per se. Except I’m not.


images taken by Stephanie Wiegner

And then I saw this. It’s such an elegant hat and the cable comes in various different colours (and is cord which I like) and I fell rather in love. It was designed by Korean born Mars Hwasung Yoo who now runs his studio BYMARS in Stockholm.


I don’t know if I shall ever actually buy one but I would like to think that with a bright pink cable it would look rather fetching, in a minimal sort of way, in that room.

cap lamp desk light by BYMARS

cap lamp desk light by BYMARS

In addition to the hat lamp he has also made a cap lamp desk light. It’s less elegant but then a baseball cap is never going to rival a hat is it?

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