365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design #357: Mirrored Trunk Stool

21st February 2014
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mirror trunk stool by malafor from e-side

mirror trunk stool by malafor from e-side

Forget what I said yesterday about spraying that industrial pipe coat hook, because about five minutes later I found these stools. Now I know I was saying that our halls tend to be tight spaces but you if you can fit that coat rack you can fit this next to it and then you have somewhere to sit and put shoes on or to rest your post or bag on while you grab your coat.

mirror trunk stool by malafor

use a mirror stool to bounce the light around

After all the hall is the first place anyone sees when they come into your home and they are often the last place to be decorated as they’re so busy being functional we forget to style them. If I was clever at the tech bit I would add this stool and yesterday’s hook into a picture of my, mainly white, hall with its raspberry and spotty stair carpet.

madaboutthehouse hallway

make more of your hall, it’s the first place visitors see

See what I mean? Anyway, enough of the styling what about the product? Well, it’s made from a solid piece of oak, from the Polish National Forests, wrapped in polished metal. It also has a handle so you can carry it easily without smudging the mirror surface.

It’s available from e-side but was made by Polish design company, Malafor, made up of Polish creatives Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Pawel Pomorski.

It’s 45cm high and 30cm wide which is plenty wide enough for a comfy perch or to be used as a small table. It costs £290 with the mirrored finished. There are also felt covered versions as well as a plain wooden one.


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