365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design #356: Pipe Coat Hook

20th February 2014
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pipe coat hook from cox and cox

pipe coat hook from cox and cox

This is one of those products that makes me all excited. And yes, some of you will think that’s terribly sad. The rest of you know exactly what I mean. I am mildly obsessed with coat storage as, in the UK at least, halls tend to be tiny places with barely enough room for two people to stand, never mind to store all the stuff that we want to put there because we don’t have room elsewhere.

pipe coat rack from cox and cox

this industrial pipe coat rack looks great with chunky aluminium hangers

Part of the problem is that we all try and store too much in our halls. Some of us are constantly trying to hang about six coats in a space where one or two would suffice. And I’m not trying to pick a fight but you’re not actually wearing more than one at a time are you (he knows I’m talking to him) so you could have two winter coats downstairs in winter and like, swap one for a lighter one when the spring comes? And then the second heavy one for a jacket when Easter comes? See what I mean?

pipe coat hook from cox and cox

I would be tempted to spray this in brass or gold paint

Generally speaking a little more discipline is called for when it comes to hall storage. Now, that’s not to say that the whole family has to rely on one hook. The joy of this, which sticks out 30cm from the wall, is that you can have two or three (and there he goes joyfully bringing all the rest of his coats down from the landing which was as far up the stairs as he got before I shot myself in the foot with my last sentence).

Perhaps just one tiny thing? In keeping with my love of all things brass, I would be tempted to spray this in gold/brass for a slightly more glam industrial look, the only proviso, of course, is that you would need to check it wouldn’t rub off on all your coats.

It costs £65 from Cox and Cox by the way and for more coat hooks that have featured on the blog click here.

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