Objects of Design #355: Canvas Chair by YOY Design


I came across a picture of these chairs a couple of weeks ago now and I can’t stop thinking about them so I thought it was probably time to share them with you. They have slightly blown my mind.


A two dimensional drawing of a chair or a sofa, it can be hung on the wall until it’s needed and then taken down, leant against the wall and then, yes, sat on.

yoy works canvas sofa

Isn’t it fantastic? I really want the chair for my landing, only I wouldn’t hang it on the wall. I think it’s best just leaning there waiting for someone to take a rest on the way up.

It was designed by Naoki Ono and launched at the London Design Festival in September 2013. That’s him sitting in it below.


Ono runs the Tokyo-based studio YOY Works with Yuki Yamamoto and here is another of their thought-provoking pieces. Protrude is fixed to the table with a large clamp but designed to look like it will fall at any moment.


Or what about these shelves designed to look like sheets of paper blowing in the wind? It’s the bottom one that looks like the pile of paper from which the rest are escaping that really makes sense of this piece.

yoy works blow shelves

I also saw this light a while ago and didn’t realise it was by YOY. The key is to have it in the corner so you can’t see the cable. It’s made from OLED which makes it as thin as it can possibly be to give the illusion that the paper is peeling away from the wall.


I do love a bit of high concept design but these pieces aren’t so high concept that you couldn’t imagine having them in your house.

All the chair photos were taken by Photos by Yasuko Furukawa except the first and the last two. He also took Peel and Blow.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Naoki Ono’s designs are utterly fantastic. I have sat in the sofa – brilliant. Did not know his other pieces – simply wonderful… I challenge anyone not to smile with delight when they see his pieces.

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