Objects of Design #275: Festive Spirit Decanter

festive spirit etched apothecary bottle from
festive spirit etched apothecary bottle from

Right that’s it. I have avoided all mention of the C word but it’s the first of December and a new series of Objects of Design beckons.

This month will be all about getting in the mood and will include everything from furniture for the spare room to decorations and present ideas.

etched apothecary bottle £36 from limelace
etched apothecary bottle £36 from

These etched apothecary bottles from limelace seemed appropriate to get us in the mood. And, of course, there’s nothing to stop you filling them with bubble bath or other delightful smellies. It doesn’t HAVE to be booze … does it?

And I still haven’t said the C word either …



Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Love the bottles, although would fear if I filled mine up with some lovely smelly bubble bath after the Christmassy Festively Season of Christmas, I’d risk bathing in a whisky flavoured soak…I’d smell like a lush afterwards…and not in a good way…no change there then!!


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