Objects of Design #276: Three House Tea Light Lanterns

tea light lanterns from cox and cox
tea light lanterns from cox and cox

I do like a decoration as much as the next person but I’m not really wild about tinsel and baubles and all that sort of thing. I would much rather add a few pieces around the house that don’t shout at me every time I walk past. Otherwise, I tend to tire of them and come 26 December they’re back in a box.

These lights, on the other hand, appeal to my sense of minimalism and calm. They could quite happily sit there in April as well as in December and I love the contrast of the copper inside with the stark black exterior.

The tallest one is 33cm high, which I love as so often you see something in a picture and it turns out to be really small when it arrives. Not so with these.

Cox and Cox also sell a set of 12 battery-powered tea lights which might be just the thing for those of you who get nervous about candles falling over, and who are worried that these houses will be hot to the touch with a real candle inside.

This set of three costs £35.

Finally, on the subject of houses as decor I couldn’t resist these either.

90cm of reusable sticker that can be cut to size £9.50
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