Objects of Design #277: Charcoal Velvet Armchair

charcoal velvet armchair from rowen and wren
charcoal velvet armchair from rowen and wren

Now I don’t know about you, but there do seem to be a few houseguests floating about at this time of year. Some of them are definitely of the parental variety and this can often necessitate a bit of a furniture rethink.

I have previously looked at ways of creating the perfect spare room, but in my experience one of the biggest issues is the seating downstairs.

Haven’t we all noticed that as time goes by we become incapable of sinking down into a comfy chair or sofa without a long drawn out sigh of “oooooooof” escaping our lips? Yes you have. Me too. But the problem is that the aged P’s do not want to sink.

For if they sink into a comfy chair the chances are they may be there for some time, to misquote Captain Oates. Then there’s lots of tutting and complaining about having to heave themselves back out again. And let’s face it, if it’s too comfortable down there, then there are tendencies to nod off. And I know Borgen has subtitles so you don’t actually need to hear the words but the snoring can be off-putting frankly.

Anyway (get to the point Mad) chairs, high, for ease of seating and standing. Firm, for ease of remaining awake. Charcoal velvet for self and decor the rest of the year.


Finley velvet armchair, due in early December £699


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