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Objects Of Design #348: Grey Pink Chair

11th February 2013
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snuggle up in a cosy armchair

snuggle up in a cosy armchair

Sometimes the only thing that works during the winter months is a cosy chair, a good book and a mug (or glass) of a little something you fancy.

Here’s the chair, you can choose your own book and we’ll come to the mugs soon.

This vintage chair has been re-upholstered in Designers Guild velvet with soft grey on the front and some rather fabulous neon pink behind. Perfect if you have a seating arrangement where one chair has its back to the door.

There are two, by the way, should you fancy a matching pair.


Holly House


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  • Rachael 12th February 2013 at 8:24 pm

    Oooooo this is beautiful, it’s going onto my ‘For my dream house…’ Pinterest board. I have a real thing for chairs and this is my kind of mix of contemporary and elegance, thank you for sharing!

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