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Objects Of Design #350: Fur Cushions

13th February 2013
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The Carlucci di Chivasso collection for JAB- Anstoetx

The Carlucci di Chivasso collection for JAB- Anstoetz

Imagine snuggling into these gorgeous fur cushions on a cold winter’s day. Cushions like this are the perfect seasonal buy. Dig them out from the cupboard in November (or perhaps at the end of October when the clocks go back and the nights officially draw in) and leave them there until they spring forward again at the end of March. Then, as the evenings lighten, and hopefully the sun begins to warm our bones once again, you can pack them away for six months and replace them with something lighter and more spring-like.

Changing textiles and soft furnishings is a great way to bring a seasonal change into a room and can be as affordable as you can manage. After all, you change your clothes according to the season, so why not your cushions. Some people also manage to change their rugs and curtains too, although I imagine that’s a little extreme for most of us.

But imagine the cosy excitement of bringing out these cushions and throws as the winter sets in and then packing them up a few months later. That’s two dollops of extra excitement that you don’t usually get from a cushion.

Jab Anstoetz

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