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orikami paper pendant white and gold

It occurred to me last night as I strolled upstairs to the newly installed staircase leading to the loft, that since part of the ceiling has been removed to make way for said stairs there is no longer a landing light outside our bedroom.

We used to have the giant Ikea Dandelion light which cast amazing shadows down the walls and across the ceiling but sadly it’s too large for the space now. We’ve rehung it in the spareroom where it completely dominates the space and I can’t decide if it looks amazing or ridiculous. I’m leaning to the former but the jury is most definitely still out.

ikea maskros

However, if you have a stupidly high ceiling (probably a landing over stairs) then do check out this light. It’s £90 and is the one piece in my whole house that always elicits a reaction. And then a second one when I tell them where it’s from. By the way, you have to buy the big one. The small one doesn’t make enough of a statement.

Anyway, that no longer works on my landing so the question is what to replace it with? I’m not really a fan of the classic silk drum shade. I want something a little more sculptural than that. Something a little more unusual. And, crucially, something a little cheaper.

And I have found this. The Orikami paper lampshade by Portuguese label Blaanc. It’s £42 and a portion of the proceeds from every piece goes to the Adobe for Women project, to help women in Mexico build their own homes with their own hands.


It’s available from from e-side and if you don’t like the gold finish it also comes in grey and pale blue.



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