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As the world of blogging gets ever more crowded, some of us have had to think of ways to earn a living that aren’t just about sticking big banner adverts all over our carefully designed sites. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending your days writing about good design and then sticking a dirty great flashing banner over the top. It may help towards paying the bills but it certainly detracts from your message.

I have chosen not to have advertising but to create an interior design consultancy alongside the blog. To put it another way, the blog is my shop window. I have one or two other irons in the fire too but you’ll have to wait a few months to find out what those are.

But back to today’s post. I first met Sophie Bush, the founder and editor of Warehouse Home, a couple of years ago at a trade show. She was, she said, thinking of setting up a blog but hadn’t quite felt ready to dive in. I urged her to take the plunge and a few months later her blog was born. Not content with that, she then set up a newspaper – a real proper print one with paper pages and everything – that is beautifully designed (Ms Bush came from Conde Nast so she knows a thing or two about good print design) and full of inspiration and information, not just for those living in warehouses, but for fans of industrial style too.

mywarehousehomecapsule collection

Now in phase three, Sophie has done what I suspect many of us long to do and created a capsule collection of furniture and accessories. Warehouse Home has collaborated with nine British designers to create 13 exclusive designs that will be on sale for six months only.

The next collection is due out (along with the next issue of the paper) in six months time. Sophie said: “Since the launch of Warehouse Home last year, so many readers have been in touch seeking our advice on sourcing distinctive designs for their homes.

“They inspired us to create a capsule collection, a small range of original furniture and accessories that brings to life the trends and topics identified in Warehouse Home. We have loved the experience of working so closely with these exciting British designers and brands. And we’re already looking ahead to our November issue and a second capsule collection.”

The collection, some of which is shown here channels several key trends identified in the second issue of the paper – from plywood pieces to graphic and typographic designs and screen prints.

mywarehousehome collection 2


“With vibrant summer colours dominating, the capsule collection is perfectly placed for contemporary homes and warehouse conversions alike and ideally timed for everyone making summer updates to their interiors,” Sophie added.

I think it’s a great idea. In fact my first reaction was to stamp my foot in fury that Sophie had thought of it before me – I’m mature like that! In all seriousness, it’s a fab collection, giving a new platform to some really great designers who all deserve to do really well. And as for the rest of us, we better get our thinking caps on.

The Warehouse Home collection is designed by  Anthony Hughes, ByALEX, Factory Twenty One, Ink Works, Inspirit Deco, Kreisdesign, Made By Mrs M, The Electrical Shop and The Shipping Press and you can shop hereIt’s so exclusive that the designers aren’t even selling their pieces on their own sites. Go forth and shop – you are supporting both British Design and plucky British enterprise by doing so.



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