Postcard from the Podcast: Embracing small rooms

Don’t they say the best things come in little packages? Well, that’s the topic of today’s episode of The Great Indoors podcast as we explore the smallest rooms in our homes and make the case that they are to be cherished and indeed celebrated. That’s the second smallest room by the way – we’re looking at tiny bedrooms, boxrooms, small sitting rooms, and kitchens. With the trendsetters kicking the open-plan knock-through off the lust list we are all falling in love with walls again. Designers are going one step closer and putting an enormous amount of effort into our book nooks, box bedrooms, closets, pantries and breakfast booths. So come the tiny room revolution, you heard it here first.


Avoiding wall cabinets creates a sense of light and space, image by Pooky


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  1. Hello! I’m still new around here but loving the blogs and the podcast. I thought I heard mention of a link in the show notes to the best dimensions for a walk through closet but I can’t find it. Planning one now for a remodeled first floor bedroom and would love that info. Thanks!

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