Stackable Table Set by Peleg Design

stackable table set by Peleg Design available from MochaUK
stackable table set by Peleg Design available from MochaUK

Isn’t this a neat idea? The images dropped into my inbox the other day and I was immediately taken with the concept. It’s an olive oil bottle with a tall neck onto which you slide the circular ceramic salt and pepper holders.


It takes up much less room on a table too. Now I do have a couple of issues with it; namely that as a fan of the pepper mill I do like my pepper freshly ground but you can buy coarse ground pepper these days so I could get over that.


The other thing is that you’ve still got to have the vinegar – balsamic or otherwise – on the table. Unless – and I feel a concept coming on here – you buy two. And in the second you put balsamic in the flask, chilli flakes in one ring and, well something else in the other. Howzat. Objects of Design. Done. I am an ambassador for shopping.

pot holder from peleg design
pot holder from peleg design

Of course, once I had discovered Peleg Design, I had to have a hunt about and see what else I could find to show you.

silicon coasters from peleg design
silicon coasters in the shape of mugs and cups

I particularly love the zip book mark, although as I have gone over to the dark side that is kindle, I’m afraid I won’t be buying one.

zip bookmark
zip bookmark

PELEG DESIGN studio was founded in 2004 by Shahar Peleg, who trained i Design and Interior Architecture at the Holon Institute of Technology, in Israel. Some of his designs are sold in New York’s MoMA as well as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.



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