bathroom ideas

How to plan a tiny bathroom (and we mean tiny)

I have shared my tiny bathroom reno on these pages before but Sophie and I discuss this in more detail on the podcast today following a recent survey revealed by our sponsor Geberit that found that the average new build bathrooom in the UK measures 4.4m square. Mine is a square 2m x 2m while

Beautiful Rooms: Bathroom Special

green tiles at soho warehouse
These Mondays do seem to rush round fast don't they? So here we are again and I thought I would do a bathroom special this week. I see so many wonderful bathrooms and they're all so different and yet it's a room that we all have so it's good to have a look at lots

Monday Inspiration: New Season

A look at the new season with some Monday inspiration from Kate Watson-Smyth. Brighten up a space with a bold splash of yellow, the classic roll-top bath has been given a modern update. #yellowbath #bathroom #madaboutthehouse
And we're back. Happy September everyone. Are you ready? I'm sure the parents among you are desperate for term to start again. It's bittersweet for us this year as the 18yo will be off to university in a couple of weeks which is both a proud and a tearful moment. For everyone else ( and